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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If You Love Science Skip the Fist Part

Well blog friends, I've been sick.  I would honestly rather have the flu than a sore throat, because I can't sing!!!  I wanted to go home from school yesterday but I didn't, it being so close to the end of the year.  I told me homeroom teacher/head master that I might randomly start to cry because of my friends who are moving.  (yes, you can worry yourself sick...)  The others thought this was funny and one said, "So what will the teacher think if you start crying in science class?"  Well, the thing is, I pretty m uch cry every science class.  It's hard to take in this stuff.  I mean, come on!  No, we don't sit on a chair, the atoms we are comprised of cause us to float just fractions of mm above it.  I mean, really people, what IS that???  I might as well read Hebrew as my science book.  Pretty much the only thing I get is the conjunctions.  Okay, I have spewed about science, time to move on.  Anyway, I did start to cry in that class and English too.  Felt so sick with this darn cold that when I came home, I couldn't even stand up.  I walked like Jack Sparrow!  Then I cried for ages, and then went to take a rest and do some searching around for these treasures:

I adore these!  So beautiful!  Yes, I love all things vintage.  But as for that teenager, there may very well be another post on her.  She'll have blond hair and black highlights! Oh, and you noticed that I redecorated?  Well, here are the rest of the old victorian pictures that I found!

The dress is amazing!

Quite a hat!

I just thought this one was pretty!

What a dress!  And hair!  And Waist!


This is one of my two favs

This comes in 2nd

Again, those hats!

And here is my other fav.  She looks so sweet!

I adore that dress too!

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