Saturday, May 28, 2011

Castles in the Air

My friends often joke about how my house will look when I grow up, because I'm such a Victorian nut.  So because I'm bored I'm planning it.  And showing it to you, because you, my darling fans, are the audience of my fancies!  The objects on which I desplay the efforts of my what-to-do-ism!  Yes people!  That basically means...I need a life.  Yeah...

Anyway, I am finding random online pictures of things I want in my house.  So here we go!
Okay, I never thought just by internet seaching I would find the exact house I would fall in love with...BUT I DID!!!  It's so pretty!!!

Another thing, I don't like master bedrooms...yes, it's weird.  But in my house the master is the guest.  At least for a while.

I need a piano cove!  I want to own like 3 pianos and a my dreams.  Cause like, paying for all that is another matter...

I like sitting rooms.

I like this room (and the doll, yes) but it needs color...

And yes, I like tiny bedrooms like this!

And I would have a whole collection of dresses...

Okay, so these are more Edwardian but whatever! 

So if you are going to be one of those ultramodern people who have a home full of squares, circles, and bright colored plastic furniture with no cushions, and smooth, white surfaces, DON'T VISIT!!!

You won't like it....

Anyway, thanks for letting me entertain myself!  :)

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