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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm off to see my Judah! And Wonderful Judson of...Oz?

Hello peoples!  So anywho...I am leaving today for a land far, far away to see my little buds Judah and Judson who moved.  It's a little ironic that today is also the birthday party of one of my other little buddies, Hailey.  She has a sister Mandy and both of them are the cutest things!!!  But unlike the Js, I can't babysit them because they happen to have the inconvenience of an older brother!  What's worse is that he's nice and responsable!  A teenage boy!  Who knew!  So the one nice, responsable teenage boy happens to "own" my little friends!  Not fair!  (Kidding, kidding.  And also, Garrett, please don't ever find my blog!) 

Sooooo....enough about them.  They got to be in the last entree and the drama one! 

I know I should have had more time to write but this week I've lived between helping CCGD summer camp and church talent show practices.  The show was last night!  I sang "Oh Wouldn't it be Loverly" from My Fair Lady as I said I would.  Also, I sang backup for Goosigirl who did A-MAZE-ING!!!  We had so much fun and raised several thousand dollars for our mission trip to Namibia!  I had funeth!

Just a quick update for you!  I'll get back to craftyness soon!  I promise!

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  1. OMG! Claire mentioned me on her blog! I'm freaking out! JK