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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just a Little Tribute to my School and Class...heheh!

You know you go to Grace Covenant Academy when:
1.       You type “Preflamma” and spell check doesn’t catch it because you’ve added it to the dictionary.
2.       You’ve turned one of the greatest Greek tragedies into a comedy. 
3.       Your English teacher must make a Star Trek and a George Washington reference in every class.
4.       The girls in the class frequently protest the segregation of guys and girls.
5.       There’s a YouTube reference in every class (Nope!  Chuck Testa.)
6.       You spend half the school week at home.
7.       Corum Deo Academy is viewed as a weight-loss program.
8.       Class movie nights are begged for.
9.       You live most of your life in social media and instant messaging on the at home days.
10.   You watch car crash videos and Star Wars undeleted bloopers on YouTube in math class.
11.   People don’t know when a joke is over.
12.   The principle is a teacher.
13.   Going to the mall to ask people what they believe is a class assignment.
14.   You can sing “Babylon” to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and everyone gets it.
15.   Some people have homecoming queen, we have medieval feast queen.
16.   People openly admit to being semi-insane unashamedly. 
17.   Sir “Gaywin” is a night of King Arthur.
18.   Beowulf is our Superman.
19.   A student has read Dante’s “Inferno” 3 times willingly.
20.   Your science teacher greets you wearing plastic bloodshot eyeballs. 
21.   We know where Kazakhstan is.
22.   For fun on the weekends we go see “Macbeth” and understand it to.
23.   We frequently ask for a status report on how much the middle-schoolers drive the teacher mad.
24.   The timeline that the 7-8th grade set up has Alexander the great after the fall of Rome.
25.   Everyone in the class is a spy.


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