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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Theater! (act II)

Ok everyone!  I finally have the pics from the play.  The person in Purple or silver is me, and everyone else are my crazy-awesome friends.  And yes, some of the guys had to be girls.  This is "Trojan Women."  We had like 2 months, so we used scrips if we wanted.  Goosigirl, thanks for the pics!  BTW, they are out of order and some are fuzzy.
This is the last act, where I'm being hauled away.  :( but laughable!

And this is the 1st Act where Posiden is mad at my other character, Athena.  But he's pretty fickle and changes his mind quickly.  Of couse, because Athena is just awesome that way.  And I painted the backdrop!  Teehee!  (Yes, Lizzie.  Sorry about the mask, though.)

Now my other character, Hecuba is taking to her daughter-in-law, Andromache and her son (Posiden's other character) Astinax. (act 3)

I got upset by something, and as usual, plopped on the ground.  ;)

My friend being Casandra.  The purple dress is another person who played Hecuba in the 1st part so I could be Athena! (act 2 or 1ish...hard to tell.  They blend.)

Me again, talking.

The took Astinax to be killed, so I am saying "O darling child!  Must you be torn from your mother and from me!"  Basically, I have to pretend the 14 yr. old boy is a 2 yr. old.  With him, it wasn't so hard.  Haha! 

They are tending to Astinax's dead body.  Thank you, Goosigirl for skipping to this part.  (act 4)

This  I forget.

Haha!  He just was griping about me, and now he tells me that my gentleness casts no weak spell to enchant the mind!  See, fickle.  And that's okay with me!  Best part of the play!  (The trident is a ghost!  haha!)

I am trying to get Menalaus to kill Helen (in white).

She's so pretty!

Best for last!  ATHENA.  IS.  AWESOME!  ehem...and Posiden wasn't too bad either.

Jk!  Good job to everyone!  This was so much fun!


  1. Yaya!!! ...I need one without! a mask. but that works for now :D

    Send me those pictures, kk?

  2. I told you they were crummy pictures, Claire. That means they're going to be fuzzy! I don't know how they got out of order though.

  3. Liz, I'll make an account this afternoon. Don't really know how to get you a good pic without a mask. It could be...complicated.

    Goosigirl, they aren't that bad! Don't worry, I got the ones I wanted.