Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hi everyone! So this post may have been a little bit more appropriate for Valentine's Day. Nevertheless I still felt it needed to be said. Valentine's Day dad came home with a big bouquet of pink roses and told all of his three girls we could each pick one to keep in our rooms. Of course with all the Valentine's Day demand sometimes roses aren't in the best condition but we still appreciated the gesture. I watched my sisters hunt through the bunch and finally chose my own. It was a flushing perfect beauty with its petals still folded peacefully. I took it up to my room where I put it in a jar on my bathroom counter so as to keep it away from my cat. After about a day the rose begin to open and the tips of it where little bit blackened. At first I did everything I could. for the rose. But after a while I began to consider trading it out for one of the others left in the Bouquet. It wasn't a big deal right? I could just take a new one and put the old one back. As the tips began to grow blacker than the outer petals began to melt I felt a strong desire to be done with this old wilting thing and start a new. Now you will make fun of me but I have always felt guilty for little inanimate objects. I still get home to thoughts about old dolls I had to throw away. If I get out a snack and don't feel like finishing it I often ask myself how is this snack would feel knowing that it's getting rejected? So maybe I'm just weird like that. Anyway after a while I started to feel sorry for the rose. I felt guilty for not accepting it the way it was after I was the one who chose it. Some of you probably see where I am going with this. So I stopped looking at the new roses in the bouquet. Sure my Ross isn't the prettiest! But I've pulled away those black petals and found the inside is just as soft and fresh and new as it all began. And even if by the time those petals open the whole rose is black and crumbled, I won't mind. I think that sometimes God puts little symbols into our life to try to remind us of what we need to be thinking about. There're so many things in my life and I just want to disappear. There're so many problems I wish had never shown themselves. if I am impatient with someone, if someone hurt me, if I don't know what I was thinking when I got myself into this, maybe they're my blackened rose. I have definitely seen this statement prove itself true up in the last few days. Now the rose is long dead. But when I didn't give up on it, yet I tended to it still, I found the rise grew healthy and fast. Yet there came a time when it had to go and I could no longer help my rose. Life is a lot like this. We need to stick by what we are given...remember everything/one is a gift. We care for these things and people and they grow. But what needs to be determined is if this blessing is a flower or a diamond. If it can last forever, or if it is fleeting. And if it is fleeting, we don't need to cry over it. Real blessings will matter forever. But with flowers, but not to crush and dry them before they die. It's just natural. As much more painful it is to lose a fleeting blessing it is than a dead flower...don't let pain imprison you of you did your job and treasured it while it lasted. <3

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