Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sending Some Flowers (Last update June 30)

A few weeks back my aunt's friend's friend (yes, it goes back away...) was sitting talking at my aunt's friend's house.  From here on I will call my aunt's friend AF and her friend AFF for simplicities sake...we hope.  Anyway, AF had a gel candle that she was trying to blow out.  These candles for no important reason use gel instead of wax.  The flame lept onto AFF and within seconds began to completely consume her.  With these candles, water makes it spread and so does rolling.  The only way to put it out once it's on a person is to smother it, which is the most painful.  AFF's child was in the room watching until someone picked the child up and rushed her into another room. AFF suffered terrible burns and no one is sure if she's make it.  AF feels this is all her fault, and has been trying to raise awarness of the dangers of these pointless candles.  I'm aware that I have what...3 followers.  But nevertheless, if you know about these candles, or own one I beg of you to despose of them!  Two other incidents of the same nature happened within weeks of this story.  And thanks to my dad who knows "people" a story about this was put into the New York Times a little while ago.  AFF is in a special burn unit, and thank the Lord she's fighting for her life with all her will!  She can't recieve flowers because of infection risks, but she can recieve cards.  I had the idea to send paper flowers to let her know she isn't forgotten and to make up for the lack of the real thing in some small way.  That's what this next project is.  We are about to get the adress to send these to, and when I know I will post it.  Tons of people she doesn't know (like me) are sending cards.  And further, if you put a message in the comment section I will design a lovely card and make sure it gets to her with your message on it.  Okay, I just found out her name is Becky (I forgot, terrible me!)  I'm begging of you to help me with this!  Thanks!

My laptop is being mean and won't let me post this picture of my card.  I'll mess around with it in a minute but anyway, if you don't want to send a message (and I really ask that you do!) please keep her in your prayers!   The address is:

Rebecca Hart
Washington Hospital Center, 4H12110 Irving Street NW
Washington, DC 20010-2975

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.


P.S.  I got it to work!  Yay!  This is my card.  If you have specific ideas for your card put them in the comment along with the message.

Hey!  I want you all to know I'm not changing this post until I get a certain number of replies!  Also, every time I make a card from someone else I will post a pic of it.  Let me shout out to Ella, and her friends Grace and Sarah!  Thanks a ton!  And I mean it! 

And here is your card, Miss Sarah!

Purple on the loopy things, a gel pen daisy, faint pink dots in the background, and at the place where the loops meet tiny blue beads!  It's lovely!  Thanks Sarah!

New: I'm happy to announce an update!  Becky can sit up now on the edge of her bed for about 30+ minutes!  She is really holding on!  Thanks for the support! 

And now a lovely card from Goosigirl!  Thanks so much for commenting!!!  This will be mailed tomorrow!

It says in 3D letters "Sending Warmth: and has an adorable pink polka-dotted tea-cup and saucer!  On a purple background with fade-in edges kinda hard to see here.  But I must say this is one of my favorights!  My lucky friend, you have inspired total cuteness!  Thanks! 


  1. Well oh my dear. Claire, I'm terribly sorry to hear about Becky. I'm most definitely going to send her a card, and I think it's absolutely wonderful you care so much for others. -GraceS (A friend of Ella's)

  2. I know you don't know me but I'm a friend of Ella's who's a friend of Claire. I am so sorry about what happened, and get well soon! I know you can.
    Best of wishes,

  3. Okay, here's my message:
    Dear Becky,
    Even though you've never heard of me, I heard about you from a friend. My family is praying for you. Keep fighting and I hope you get well soon!

    Erin Arbogast