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Monday, July 18, 2011

I woke up this morning (about 2 hours ago) and thought to myself, "I feel like blogging..."

You wish.

Accually, I tumbled out of bed after thinking about it, then rolling over, then thinking about it again, then remembering how cozy my pillow is.  When I finally did get up I put on my ipod while I did my makeup (which has been mermaid inspired lately) while listening to "Dynamite."  I've been doing this the past few days and it really wakes me up!  Haha!  Oh course I took a while to decide what to wear (a pink tee shirt with the ocean on it and jean shorts along with my signature cameo of course!).  Then took the braids out of my  hair compleating the beachy look.  Then at 10:30 I stumbled downstairs for ome breakfast and read a tea magazine.  It was only then that I thought..."Why not blog today?" 

So now that I've been honest with you I want to say thanks for all you who sent or asked me to send letters from you to Becky!  She has two walls totally covered in cards!!!  I saw a picture of it, but it was too small and pixelated to see much. 

On the 4th of July her daughter gave her heart to the Lord, which made it a super special day!  Becky had two more skin graphs, but a friend says that after them, she found her friend sitting up in bed watching TV and laughing!  Praise the Lord that she is holding on!  And if you want to, keep the comments coming.  I'll still send cards!

Now I have some other things to talk about, as I sit here on my tussled bed listening to a playlist pretty much just like the one on the sidebar of my blog.  Brooke Waggoner Wonder-Dummied now.  Oh, and I have Dynamite too.  Maybe I should add that to my mixpod???  :)

So Saturday was a car wash for a mission trip that I'm leaving for on Thursday!  We left early with the windows rolled down basting guess what from the car ipod plug in?  And yes, we threw our hands up in the air sometimes!  Saying Heyo!  Gotta Let go!  That's how happy we were to leave the 107 degree weather I live in during the summer...somewhere...on planet earth....where I live...Heh heh.  But if you follow me then you probably relate considering I think I know all of you (Except you, Tina.  But I'm pretty sure you go to my church...?) and you live here.  Oh look!  Dynamite just came on!  Go figure...

After leaving the car wash I cleaned up and went to tea with a friend.  Didn't take pics because of privacy but we had a lot of fun.  We've been doing this for a few years now in the summer cause both of us are super busy and never get to hang out.  :(

But we had a blast!  After tea we went to this adorable paper craft store and I got a HUGE paperdoll book.  The artist has a blog too...and she has some super cute stuff out there!

I really think her book is so cute!  About 20 dolls and then a ton more I can make!  They have little stories and are so like real people.  I mean, the illistation is whimsical but you see expression so much more a doll made from a picture without expression and just a pretty smile.  These dolls are like...real with you.  Maybe you'd have to be a paper doll enthusest to get it but really...

I adore this book!

One of my dolls...or rather two of them are twins...attached twins.  At first I thought it was kinda creepy but they've kinda grown on me.  Ugh!  That's sounded creepy...the "grown on me" part!

Okay...anyway I'm super happy!  I think I feel a doll coming maybe I'll go draw for a bit! 

TTFN!!!  Tata for now!

--Claire <3

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