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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hey guys! I'm sorry I've been flying under the radar for so long. Here's the latest:

December 23 I turned...older ;)

December 27 we moved to this huge new house I love! My room has its own level! And I have a recording room!

This January we took a trip to Colarado and Abby broke her arm Om the slopes.

This happened the day before she turned 10! Poor baby!

Other than that...not much. If you want to, prayers would be appreciated. I
Haven't been feeling too well and have had a very rough couple of days. Couldn't have made it through without my Lizzie! ily!!!

One more shout out to my angelic friend Louisa for being such a help with a dress Abby can wear for her party with her cast! Her party was postponed when she had a 3 day fever... :(((

That's everything for now! When school gets a bit better I'll have more for y'all!

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